Dr Peter Van Zweeden


                               "As a sapling is bent so a tree will grow"


"But why would a child need to see a chiropractor?" has been a questioned asked of me innumerable times.

We buy a motor vechicle and want to know its service history.... why?

If we want trouble free running in a vechicle we want to know that from day 1 it has been well cared for, adequately serviced and lovingly maintained.

Do we standardly do the same for our bodies?

Sadly, not.

Our bodies are likewise best maintained from Day 1 and regularly afterwards.

Would you be keen to buy a vechicle if the owner only had it fixed when it broke down? Or even if the seller mentioned, "It has done 80,000km and never needed a service!".

It's equivalent  ...."I've never found the need to use a chiropractor", is not a badge of honour.

Don't worry we can be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff for you (and we're pretty good at being just that) but this is not our wish for you.

From over 20 years in chiropractic practise it is my desire to see all our patients begin "tending to themselves" as soon as possible, to reach their maximum performance in the 'prime', and to assist them to being enviously healthy in their 80's and 90's.

The sooner the better. Why wait to be better than you are now?

Our youngest patient to date has been 12 minutes old and we have corrected many birth strains in hundred's of babies in their first 48hours of life outside the womb. This is the ultimate "service history".

If a child can grow free from the set backs of 'Birth trauma', free from the consequences of injuries from the hundreds of falls/ crashes/ and bangs that they suffer during the toddler years to teenage hood, then you have truly given your child a valuable 'gift'.

However it's never to late to start. Just always better to start as early as you can.

It is this concept that drives us at Tauranga Chiropractic to be part of the solution to allow you to lead a great life.

Potential realised!

Free to be the best you can be!

Hence we take your future health very seriously.

Our clinic strives for applying the world's best research into practice. And is very invloved in leading the way in certain fields of research.

We regularly attend international research forums, and have formed strong ties to some of the world's greatest minds in Musculo-skeletal healthcare in the 21st century.

We are here to serve you.

Yours in the pursuit of health,


Dr Peter Van Zweeden,  BSc., B.App.Sc.(Chiropractic), M.N.Z.C.A.


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